drip1 Well, we’re glad you asked.  This is not the kind of drip you stopped hanging out with because he/she was stupid, unattractive or boring.  It’s more like the trickling water that comes from your rain gutters, faucets or sprinklers constantly watering and growing things around you.  Using a drip campaign to advertise your business is designed to be just as organic and natural as water so that your customers are introduced to your brand more gradually, guiding them down the right path.  That way they will be more likely to go from “just looking” to “buying it today”.

flowing water1If you’ve ever been inundated with stacks of mail and loads of emails that just turn into spam, you know it’s easy to ignore or throw them away because you see it all the time and may possibly be sick of looking at it.  A drip campaign stays away from the high pressure, buy-it-now, attitude allowing you to promote your company without overwhelming your customers with too much information.

One of the best parts is that everything is TRACKABLE!  You’ll be able to see what material your customers are responding to, making it easier to provide something appropriate for each one.  You can even generate more leads with automated follow-up methods that allow new leads to be automatically enrolled in a drip campaign with relevant messaging and a system in place to track where they came from.

The entire process can be automated and with a simple way to run reports on who is opening and responding to your emails, you’ll have back the time you need to focus on your projects and other goals.

woman laying down with moneyYou can use a drip campaign to make more money because you’ll be generating more customers who are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and recommend you to their friends.  We believe taking this very important step to advertise your business can make a positive impact on you, your staff and your employees so please contact us today so we can help you organize your next drip campaign.