Jill has been our ACT! representative for the past 7 years and I have always enjoyed working with her. I am amazed at her problem solving skills if an issue should arise (which is rare). She has always been able to get us up and running, even when some office personnel accidentally corrupted all the ACT! files, ouch.

She has guided us into the programs that work the best for our insurance business and just recently got our office computers synced in with each other; amazing for us! I have been glad to have Jill as the person to call on for any issues and she will definitely be the one I will call upon if anything comes up the future.

I highly recommend Softech Solutions as the ACT! consulting company to work with if you have questions about the program and decide to incorporate the program into your business.

Connie Abernathy-Ness

Prime Time Health Advisors

We were very nervous about going from outdated paper methods of customer management, to a more computer software method. Jill at Softech walked us through the process, customized the CRM to our needs, and made the switch easier and more effective than we could have imagined. Keith has also been very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful when we have had questions as we have gone along. We are so happy that we made the switch, and we are certainly glad we followed everyone’s advice and went with Softech Solutions. I would recommend Softech to anyone looking to improve their customer management process..

Russ Zakariasen

President, Commercial Steam Team

Highland Bank has worked with Jill for about three years and the one word I can use to describe her is ‘lifeline’. Our needs for ACT were truly unique and led to some challenging customizing requirements. Jill always responded with ‘no worries’, and would return with the issue solved and usually in a way that made more sense than what we thought we needed initially. That is what makes her customer service so exceptional, she always thinks past what we want and gives us also what we need.

Julie Stokes

Sales and Marketing Officer, Highland Bank

I would be lost without the Softech Solutions Team! We started working with Jill when we decided to implement ACT! database utilizing its vast customization ability. Not only did Softech Solutions help us accomplish all the customization changes we were looking for, but their knowledge has proven invaluable when problems come up. Just today, Keith saved me from a complete disaster with his quick response and uncanny problem solving ability. Thank you Softech Solutions!

Nichole Fredrickson

Training Mentor, Interstate Truck Driving School

Our relationship with Softech Solutions began after we were frustrated with the lack of support that we received from ACT directly. We knew the software had the capabilities we needed, but we were not sure how to access them. This is where Jill came in. With her expertise and experience, we were able to design custom reports that allowed us to measure factors critical in our day to day business. In the long run, it was more compelling both financially and emotionally using Jill as our lead designer for ACT. She posses a skill set that is not easily replicated and would have taken us years to build in house. While people who read testimonials are sometimes skeptical, myself included, I can say this. Without Softech Solutions’ help, the software would have been rarely used in our office and we would still be searching for a system to design custom functionality. We have Jill to thank for being incredibly accommodating and making our daily lives easier.

Jamie Townsend

Value Partners Investments

We have been using Act for our business since 2006. In 2010 we started working with Jill at Softech and decided to moved forward with updates and learning more capabilities of Act. As our business continued to grow we embraced more of the functionality of Act. And through this process Softech has been there every step of the way to ensure we had the support necessary for our success. Jill and Keith continue to be a tremendous asset for us. We appreciate the professional, friendly and courteous service they have and continue to provide us.

Happy 10th anniversary Softech. Hats off to you for all of your efforts! We appreciate all that you have done for us.

Chris Luke

Technical Project Manager, Fostar, Inc.

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Softech Solutions for all their hard work, comment, and dedication on our recently installed ACT system. They have worked numerous hours with us on training, re-training and re-re-training for some of us who were having trouble learning a ‘new’ system and we can’t thank you enough. With Softech Solutions’ wealth of knowledge and expertise about this system they made learning this program so much easier than it could have been.

Thanks again! We will definitely refer individuals who are looking to customize a database system. Softech Solutions is definitely the best!

Jennifer Crowder

President, GR Promotions

Our company has used ACT as our Customer Management software for many years. We started out with ACT 2.0 and, over the years, had migrated to v6.0. When it became apparent that we needed more functionality and the ability for more centralized data mining of our client base, we decided to upgrade to ACT Premium For Web v10. After interviewing a number of ACT consultants we select Softech Solutions as our partner to help us migrate to the new version.

Softech’s approach was to look at our business model and ask all the right questions – what information do we currently capture; how is that information used in our sales process; who should have access to that information and what else would we like to do that we can’t under the current version of ACT. Based on this information, they then designed an ACT system that matched all of our needs and then some.

I highly recommend Softech to anyone looking for assistance in implementing ACT or upgrading their current version.

Jim Strehlow

IT Director - Naterra Land, Inc.

Jill Gibson at Softech Solutions is dedicated to making ACT work for us. She works well with our end users and our IT departments. She’s knowledgeable, conscientious, professional and an excellent resource for us. I couldn’t ask for a better partner for our contact management software.

Sue Raymond

Healthcare Equipment Sales Industry