Fraud Activity by another company using Softech Solutions LLC name

It has come to our attention at Softech Solutions that individuals are using our name (without our permission!!) as they’re operating to fraudulently charge people for Microsoft Update support, anti-virus computer monitoring, and other IT related services.  We don’t offer these services nor have we ever offered these services.  We only work with companies to develop Contact Relationship Management (CRM)  solutions to help them be proactive with customer service type follow ups.

If you have been contacted by this fraudulent company, please go the following web site  FBI Tips site to submit an Electronic Tip Form submission of the criminal activity you have experienced.  Also contact your local FBI Office (use this FBI Office location link to find your local office).     Lastly, I would recommend you file a police report at your police station because each police department has an FBI person working with them.

Other steps you could take:

  1. If you have given them any of your personal bank information, contact you bank IMMEDIATELY and work with them for steps of possible reversal of funds.
  2. If you see a charge on your credit card from Softech Solutions LLC and you can’t account for it, call your credit card company to dispute the charges.
  3. If your credit card issue is from Bank of America, they refuse to disclose where the money was paid to (I have tried to work with some of the individuals that have had erroneous charges and Bank of America does nothing to help get to the bottom of this criminal behavior.)

As you can see, we have done as much as possible to help people that have been hurt by these people.   Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to stop them; they are also tarnishing Softech’s reputation.  I hope this information I have shared will help you.  Thank you.

Jill Gibson, Owner
Softech Solutions LLC
Main: 612-808-8727
Cell: 612-309-5709