potentialOk, I did it, I just used the number one most hated word in the English dictionary in the title of this blog.  “Potential.” Yuck!  Potential is like the worst thing ever because it means you COULD be doing something to ensure your success but you either don’t know what that something is or are just choosing not to actually do it.  Either way, “potential” can feel like an endless void that you can’t get out of, especially when it comes to your potential to earn more money because there’s always SOMETHING you can do.  You just have to figure out what.

Well, it’s a good thing our consulting team is here because we can help you fulfill that potential.  Let’s start at the beginning; if you don’t already have a system in place to manage your customer data then we would recommend starting there.  You seriously need to have a way to at least keep track of your clients contact information because this is how you’re going to communicate with them.

crm3Once you have your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in place, it will all depend on your individual business goals, type of company and so on, which is why it’s important to either send us your contact information or contact us directly.

Take a look at what some of our clients have had to say about customizing their CRM systems:

“Without Softech Solutions’ help, the software (act!) would have been rarely used in our office and we would still be searching for a system to design custom functionality.”
Jamie Townsend, Value Partners Investments

“I highly recommend Softech to anyone looking for assistance in implementing act! or upgrading their current version.”
-Jim Strehlow, IT Director, Naterra Land, Inc

“Not only did Softech Solutions help us accomplish all the customizations we were looking for, but their knowledge has proven invaluable when problems come up.”
 -Nichole Frederickson, Training Manager
                                           Interstate Truck Driving School

Having a customized CRM system can mean easier access to reports and customer data, which means more time spent on the more important aspects of managing your business.

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