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To bridge the gap between CRM and accounting.

QuoteWerks integrates and leverages the software you already own and know how to use. It centralizes your data and eliminates costly mistakes all of which ultimately saves you time and money.


Softech Solutions Provides Professional Business Consulting and Training to Create Outstanding Results!

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For over 18 years, Softech has been working with clients to provide increased sales, stronger internal processes, customized training, financial success, increased productivity, and improved marketing strategies. 

Our team of professional business consultants combine creative thinking with a practical understanding of database development.  We help to tailor your systems and applications to fit your business needs.  Our acclaimed business strategies have created empowered and effective company owners who make solid and informed decisions about their businesses.

Hosting Applications in the Cloud

Our desktop virtualization “Hosted App” solution simplifies IT and upgrades security by hosting allowing end users easy access, from any device. This option is extremely powerful delivering access to their desktop, software applications, email and data which is stored in the cloud.

CRM Customizations
and Integration

Softech Solutions LLC specializes in sales process re-engineering using Act!, the #1 selling contact and customer management system, used by over 2.8 million business professionals. This powerful, affordable system can streamline your sales process and remove the administrative noise that…

Reporting Benefits and Data Analysis Options

In today’s world, businesses have more data than ever before and some even have more than they know what to do with. Softech Solutions LLC can show you what all your data is telling you by designing reports and data analysis options which will set your business apart from the competition.


Our business strategy professionals combine smart planning with the latest and best sales technology to help you grow your company beyond expectations!

Softech Solutions LLC specializes in sales process re-engineering using ACT! by Sage, the #1 selling contact and customer management system, used by over 2.8 million business professionals. This powerful, affordable system can streamline your sales process and remove the administrative noise that prevents sales people from being fully effective.

Whether you have one sales professional or 500, Softech Solutions will help you design a process that builds and strengthens profitable relationships with your customers.

Because Softech Solutions has the business consulting experience needed, we can recommend a business strategy that works specifically for your company. This can include an online marketing strategy using social media and emarketing, using our Virtual CIO services, customized training and more.

Understand what your data is telling you by letting Softech Solutions help you customize your reporting options. Doing this will allow you to have the information you need to make precise and informed decisions about your company.


July 22, 2014

Our relationship with Softech Solutions began after we were frustrated with the lack of support that we received from ACT directly. We knew the software had the capabilities we needed, but we were not sure how to access them. This is where Jill came in. With her expertise and experience, we were able to design custom reports that allowed us to measure factors critical in our day to day business. In the long run, it was more compelling both financially and emotionally using Jill as our lead designer for ACT. She posses a skill set that is not easily replicated and would have taken us years to build in house. While people who read testimonials are sometimes skeptical, myself included, I can say this. Without Softech Solutions' help, the software would have been rarely used in our office and we would still be searching for a system to design custom functionality. We have Jill to thank for being incredibly accommodating and making our daily lives easier.


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